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Dynapar—Leader in Supplying Speed Feedback Devices

We all may remember Dynapar as a Company who supplied magneto-resistive products for mill duty applications.

Dynapar is now the industry leader in the developing and manufacturing of motion feedback control devices which include rotary encoders and brushless/frameless resolvers. Read more …

Marathon Black Max Motor-Rated 1000:1 constant torque

We introduce the Black Max motor which we have used on many applications in a manufacturing plant. The Marathon Black Max motor has performed well on printing or process lines and been used in place of servos on winding applications. Read more …

MAGPOWR High Efficiency Brake

The MAGPOWR HEB250 pneumatic brake packs many powerful features into a compact design. Ideal for the demands of general converting and corrugating operations, the HEB produces higher torque at cooler brake pad temperatures. These cooler temperatures along with a thicker brake pad will ensure longer pad life to minimize downtime. Read more …

Helwig New Grounding Brush/Labyrinth Seal Technology

Helwig Carbon and Orion Engineered Seals come together to create a combination seal/grounding device for the motor industry. Discover the innovative grounding technology that keeps lubrication in and contaminants out. Read more …

WINDER/UNWIND Tension Control

You may know them as winders, rewinds, recoilers or take-ups; likewise, you may know them as unwinds, uncoilers or pay-offs, but they are all the same subsection of web handling. Read more …


The new Digital Load Cell Amplifier (DLCA) is a low-cost, yet powerful and versatile DIN rail mounted digital amplifier used to multiply a millivolt tension signal to a usable 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mADC analog output. Read more …

MAGPOWR Cantilevered Load Cells

Load cells are not where operators want to spend their money. MAGPOWR’s CL Cantilever Load Cells facilitate that as they are the most cost effective cantilever load cell on the market. These sensors have the unique ability to accept virtually any roll and shaft assembly. Operators are no longer restricted in design – they simply install one of their spare roll assemblies into the Model CL Load Cell. Read more …

MAGPOWR Low Tension Load Cells

Lightweighting is an issue facing all kinds of industries, including wire, filament textiles. For various reasons, lighter, thinner, finer materials are now demanded, and manufacturers require tension controls that can help facilitate those demands. MAGPOWR’s Low Tension Load Cells (LC-500G & LC-500GS1) have full wheatstone bridge strain gage configurations, and the meet the same industry leading specifications as all other MAGPOWR load cells. Read more …

The Most Rugged Hollow Shaft Encoder on The Market


  • Rugged design that withstands up to 400g shock
  • Larger mechanically held bearings increase resistance to run out or wobble
  • Improved sealing for better protection against contamination
  • Increased resolution to 5000 PPR

MAGPOWR Global Series Brakes

Versatility and flexibility are the real benefits found in MAGPOWR’s Global Series Magnetic Particle Brakes, as they provide smooth, repeatable, controllable torque independent of speed. This makes them suitable for all kinds of power transmission and tensioning applications. And we recently extended our sizes to provide over 325 lb-ft of torque.

Read more …